Allison Cassidy, a ravishing raven-haired beauty, believes that fate brought the perfect man, Jed Adkins, into her life after tragedy struck her family. With his movie star good looks, Jed leaves New York to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles, while Allison stays behind and agrees to put her dream of becoming a successful playwright on hold for one year while she looks for a job that will support both of them. They call it the Jed and Allison Success Fund.

Allison sets out to interview for a high paying job at the storied publishing house of Sanders and Grisham, run by the gorgeous, mysterious Gavin Sanders.
But from the moment she steps into the elevator, she realizes that she has entered a strange, magical environment.

She is guided to her destination by an elegant, older woman named Rosette, a woman who is much more than she appears to be. The winding hallways, the startling beauty of Sanders and Grisham, and in particular, her introduction to The Dream Room, an other-wor;dly space of shooting stars and slowly descending stardust, enchant her.

And then there's the long walk into Gavin Sanders’ office as he stands in the doorway watching her approach, tracking her movements like a cat.

“Gavin Sanders cocked his head and looked directly into her eyes. He was, Allison thought, incredibly handsome, the kind of handsome that brings you up short, that quickens your breath. His eyes had a slight heaviness in the lids, which countered their stunning gray-green color, a color she’d never seen before. His hair was cut on the long side, and she could see that in the back it fell slightly over his collar. She loved that. It was the same way Jed’s hair looked, and Allison wondered if Gavin Sanders’ hair felt like Jed’s, lush and lustrous, so she could grab it by the handful.”

So begins a tug of war in Allison’s heart. The strength of her determination to stay with, and support Jed, even as the temptation to fall into the arms of Gavin Sanders, give rise to a startling turn of events; of the nature of love, the seduction of ambition and the test of Allison’s loyalty.

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