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Above the Clouds

For Barbara Blazier on the Anniversary of her Death


That new-green of your eyes
a circling avarice of the senses,
and the hair burnt red to the
farthest edges of autumn;
a warrior's fusion of form to purpose.

That day with the thief in the kitchen,
how you knocked him on the head
with the lid of a garbage can.
"But didn't he have a gun?" I asked.
And I think for that question,
you pitied me.

"It's true," you said
in the doctor's office,
"Everything is energy."
You were reading a medical text
standing up, one foot set against the other,
one hand fisted, twisting at the wrist, your
voice echoing up the caverns
of your bones until it whistled through your teeth
and you laughed,
confirmed in all that you were
which was - everything. To me.

Come, come, let's get drunk!
I've got it! The diagnosis!"
Forward, always forward.
Ribbons followed you, sparkle, confetti
and rose petals; such things that catch
in the wind and are too light
not to move.

We walked out into the winter,
late in the afternoon and
ended at a bar on 96th St.;
some jutting mass of Paleolithic rock
thudding against the sunshine.
I toasted your health,
the good news, the banishment
of uncertainty.
You corrected me
with a tired, Greek-like sigh
for your doomed philosophy.
"To my existence. The shard of it
that's left to me."

I'd always thought my life
had no trajectory
and yours
had no repose.
But now I follow you
forward, always forward,
because you pull at me
with your silence.


Where you going? Barcelona
Central Park 4.jpg
Central Park 2.jpg
Central Park 1.jpg

I did some modeling, worked as a Playboy Bunny, and did a lot of acting. It was a great, but also pretty scary time. None of this is what it's cracked up  to be.

Where you going? Barcelona

IMG_0013 (1).jpeg


IMG_0668 (1).jpeg

Getting ready to see Angels in America

Zach contemplating a pineapple.jpg

Our son, Zach doing a soliloquy from Hamlet to a pineapple

Me and Linny Older.jpg

Me and my sister Linda. I wrote a play about our relationship called "Bird in a Box."


By Joanne Hoersch (aka Charlotte Glass)

serena and irene in Bunnies.jpeg
Ryan and Irene in Bunnies.jpeg
Ryan and Irene and Serena in Bunnies.jpeg
Bunnies-8671-2 (1).jpeg

My play, BUNNIES, about my time working as a Playboy Bunny, was produced by Hudson Theatre Works in October 2021, under the direction of Frank Licato with the following cast: Serena Marie Williams as Bonita, Ryan Natalino as Janice, Irene Rivera as Lottie, Besss Miller as Kekkie.
Clockwise from top left:
Bonita and Lottie ("I want to be you.") , Janice and Lottie ("I wonder who he is?"),  Bonita, Kekkie and Lottie, ("This is how Marilyn Monroe walked."),  Bonita, Lottie and Janice dancing to Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground."
Read the review here: 





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